Tamara Landau


MNEMOART proposes to think of art and psychoanalysis, together with science and politics, as a form of poetic writing against oblivion.

MnemoArt is an experimental research group founded by Tamara and Jean-Pierre Landau, psychoanalysts and artists, with the participation of Alain Lazare, Axelle du Rouret, Bruno Contensou, Catherine Fava-Dauvergne, Chantal Riols, Harold Rive-Decaillot, Julia Desautel, Marc Bonnet and Paola Mieli. The group is involved in an original elaboration of the plastic representation of psychoanalytical concepts based on time, memory and traces. A new language linking psychoanalysis to art and science through exchanges, meetings and art events.
The group’s time of theoretical reflection is scanned by displays and ephemeral events (videos, exhibitions, performances). Special attention is given to the “après-coup” and the traces left by the ephemeral character of writing.
We feature a network of galleries and art centres that welcome MnemoArt artist in various countries, with the aim of continuing to examine, with the creation of poetic acts, the subversive position of the subject in science and society.