Tamara Landau


Tamara Landau Rosenberg was born in 1949 in Milan, Italy.

Her analytic career began when she was very young with Cesare Musatti, the pioneer of psychoanalysis in Italy.

In 1970, she met Jacques Lacan in Paris, who invited her to join the Ecole Freudienne; and she began an analysis and a supervision with him a few years later.
At that time she was already working with Stanislas Tomkiewicz, an enlightened child psychiatrist who was very involved in the struggle for the respect of the mentally ill (at the time, in France, they were still restrained by straightjackets).
Tomkiewicz, who was subsequently to become her research and doctoral thesis supervisor at INSERM (Montrouge), introduced her to all the protagonists of the antipsychiatry movement in Europe: Cooper in England, Basaglia in Italy, and Roellens in France.

In 1972, she participated with the latter in creating an ‘antipsychiatric’ sector in Seine-Saint-Denis, which proved to be a passionate ‘locus’ for exchanging libertarian ideas and for creative work between therapists and patients.
Numerous renowned philosophers, psychoanalysts and artists took part in this adventure.
From then on, although this experiment came to an end, and in spite of the new orientation of psychiatry in France, which gradually rejected all references to psychoanalysis, Tamara Landau continued to work in this sector as a ‘field’ psychoanalyst, as it were.

In 1973, she was involved in creating the journal GardesFous, and was on the editorial committee (article “Mise au point”).

She taught pathological psychology at the University of Amiens, as a junior lecturer, and also worked for about ten years as a psychotherapist with adolescents in difficulty, alcoholic patients and drug addicts.
She continued her analytic training (analysis, supervisions, supervisory seminars, cartels) with other major figures of French psychoanalysis (Octave Mannoni, Gisela Pankow, Jean Clavreul, Françoise Dolto).
She has been an active member of the Centre de Formation et de Recherche Psychanalytique [Psychoanalytic Training and Research Center] since its foundation in 1982, where she has run many research and supervisory seminars.

In 1994, she was a founding member of the Société de psychanalyse freudienne (SPF) in Paris, where she continues to animate research seminars.

Since 1994, she also has become a sculptor.

In 2005 she participated in Milan to the Lou Salomé Forum, an association of women psychoanalysts.

In 2007 she became a member and editor of the journal Insistance.

In 2008 she became honorary member of the Italian psychoanalytic movement La Ginestra. She founded with Jean-Pierre Landau the MnemoArt (Art, Psychoanalysis and Science) association.

In 2009, she became member of I.S.A.P. (the Institute of High Psychoanalytic Studies) in charge of cultural and artistic relations between Paris and Rome and editor of the Journal of European Psychoanalysis (JEP), an English language publication published in Rome and New York.

In 2016, Tamara Landau became member of the Centro Antinoo Internazionale – Fondazione Marguerite Yourcenar in charge of cultural and artistic relations between Paris and Rome.