The Impossible Birth, Appendices

The appendices contain all the images that were part of the elaboration of the book, including those which could not be printed.

Table of Contents

page 14
"Cristelle's inverted tree"
page 16
"The silent scream of the enclaved child", sculpture in alabaster with incrustation of shell by Tamara Landau
page 20
"Emile's self-portrait"
page 23
Choreography by Kitsou Dubois in micro-gravity [video]
page 37
"Dream of the two igloos" Drawing by Berenice
page 40
"Fusional tie 1" Drawing by Abel
page 41
"Fusional tie 2" Drawing by Abel
page 60
"Psychoanalysis" Claude 1
page 61
"A unique form of continuity in space" Claude 2 and "Solitude" Claude 3
page 64
"Couple 1" Unconscious fusional schema, Malka
page 65
"Couple 2" Preconscious fusional schema, Malka
page 66
"Couple 3" Conscious functional schema, Malka
page 67
"Fusion 2" Conscious fusional schema, Voledda
page 68
"Baby Anita in her mother's arms" (seen in profile)
page 69
"Baby Anita in her mother's arms" (seen from above) and "Baby Françoise in her mother's arms", Françoise
page 70
Nadia's sculptures
page 96
"Maeva's inverted tree" and "Christelle's inverted tree"
page 97
"Maeva's portrait"
page 98
Five drawings by Maeva (1/3): "The clown" and "The scull"
page 99
Five drawings by Maeva (2/3): "Christ on the cross" and "The hidden body"
page 100
Five drawings by Maeva (3/3): "The cut"
page 102
Maeva's three last drawings (1/2): "The murder of Maeva" and "The hanging"
page 103
Maeva's three last drawings (2/2): "The burial"
page 143
"Frida's abortion", Frida Khalo, 1932 and "The Henry Ford Hospital", Frida Khalo, 1932
page 144
"My birth", Frida Khalo, 1932
page 151
"Corinne's inverted tree"
page 156
"Giving birth or separation trilogy", Voledda, 1997
page 161
"Baby Emile in his grandmother's arms" and "Baby Emile in his mother's arms"
page 163
"Baby Sarah in her mother's arms", photo 1, a frontal view of the mother and photo 2, the child and the mother seen in profile
page 180
drawing no 1 and drawing no 2, Moïse
page 190
"The imprint" (photo), Marion
page 212
"The ear", "The Queen of spades", "Houses", "Being just one", "On the shadow", Hélène Loussier
page 249
"Dream 1" and "Dream 2", Christian
page 251
"First dream of the end of Marianne's analysis", Marianne
page 256
"Young woman enclaved", sculpture, Tamara Landau